Save The Family Foundation


Save the Family Foundation of Arizona offers a variety of programs designed to empower families to conquer homelessness and achieve life-long independence. Through targeted services that align with the goals and strategies set by Valley of the Sun United Way and the Maricopa Association of Government’s Continuum of Care, families at Save the Family end the damaging effects of family homelessness by:

• improving their education and employment opportunities,
• accessing safe, permanent housing, and
• building family competencies.

Early on, Save the Family recognized that families need more than safe housing to conquer homelessness. They also need skills and confidence to lead productive, self-sufficient lives. Today, we offer an array of programs for adults, youth, and children, including:

• parenting skills, personal development classes, and support for victims of domestic violence
• career development, literacy support, and financial education
• dental, vision, and legal services
• tutoring, after-school classes, and camps and activities for youth